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Pros and Cons of AAA Insurance

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  • House, car, life, and pet insurance are just a few of the insurance packages offered by AAA.
  • The benefits of becoming a member of AAA much outweigh the costs.
  • In particular, drivers under the age of 35 have a great deal of faith in the firm.
    a wide range of reductions


  • If you’re looking for more comprehensive or specialized coverage, go elsewhere.

AAA Auto Insurance Reviews

Only AAA club members are eligible for auto insurance via AAA. Each level of car insurance provided by the company is required to meet federal and state requirements (liability, collision, comprehensive coverage, etc.). Here you’ll find some of AAA’s most innovative vehicle insurance coverage options for drivers, as well as some standard rates.

  • Claims satisfaction. AAA received below-average marks in J.D. Power‘s 2020 claims satisfaction survey.
  • Customer satisfaction. J.D. Power gave AAA’s customer service a middle of the pack satisfaction rating out of 202 customers.
  • Financial strength. It’s simple to see that AAA has a strong financial standing thanks in part to AM Best‘s A+ credit rating.
  • Claims satisfaction (NAIC) — The NAIC received more complaints against AAA members than the national average.

Where is AAA auto insurance available?

AAA car insurance is offered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

AAA car insurance coverage options

Auto insurance from AAA includes standard coverage options like liability (including bodily injury and property damage), comprehensive and collision, as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist. Additional endorsements that may be added to your insurance policy are available to AAA members, as are several other benefits. Take a look at the AAA options listed below, but keep in mind that not all options are available in every state.

  • Accident forgiveness. Depending on where you live, this insurance is either voluntary or required. If you join AAA, your insurance rates won’t go up after your first collision for which you were at fault.
  • Extended car rental expenses coverage. Even if your car repair work isn’t finished, many insurance companies will only cover your rental for the time period specified on the rental contract. While your car is being repaired, AAA will pay for your rental car fees.
    Pet insurance: If your pet is injured in a car accident, AAA will assist pay for up to $500 in veterinary bills.
  • 12-month policy. This option gives you rate certainty for one year.
  • New vehicle replacement. After the first accident, AAA will swap your wrecked car with a brand-new one for a period of one year. It’s an intriguing subject to research new car replacement insurance..
  • Limited loan/lease payoff. AAA will cover the outstanding loan or lease payment if your automobile is totaled in an accident covered by the policy. Gap insurance is another name for this. If the claim check is less than the car’s value after depreciation, you’ll have to buy a new one.

AAA roadside assistance

Its specialty is AAA roadside assistance. You may get it as an add-on to your current policy or as a stand-alone supplement to your current coverage. The roadside assistance program of AAA is divided into tiers, with the highest tier giving more benefits.

Analyze the similarities and differences between AAA and the other service providers in your area.

Membership benefits

When it comes to membership benefits that aren’t tied to driving, AAA stands out from the competition. Roadside help programs like AAA’s are incorporated into the system.

AAA car insurance discounts

AAA members are entitled to several advantages. Listed here are a few of the most effective methods for cutting costs.

  • Multi-policy discount. If you also have renters, homeowners, condo, or life insurance, you may save anywhere from 9 to 22 percent on your car insurance.
  • Multi-vehicle. Insuring all your vehicles with AAA can save you 26% on your premium.
  • Advanced purchase. If you pay your membership and premiums more than seven days before the end of your policy’s term, you’ll receive a 5% discount.
  • Longevity. After three years with your current insurer, you may save a total of 12 percent on AAA rates by switching.
  • Paid in full. A 5 percent insurance discount is available if you pay in full before the insurance period begins.
  • Original owner. If you’re the first owner of a vehicle, you can save five percent on your insurance.
  • Good student. Depending on your grades, you may be able to save 15% on some insurance plans.
  • Driver training. AAA may reduce your premiums by as much as 3% if you complete a state-approved driver education course.

AAA Auto Insurance vs. Competitors

Rates by Company : Average Monthly Premium

  • AAA. $151 Dollars
  • Geico. $100 Dollars
  • AllState. $169 Dollars
  • Nationwide . $119 Dollars
  • National Average. $129 Dollars

Where is AAA auto insurance cheapest?

In these five states, AAA’s auto insurance rates are one of the cheapest providers.

Monthly Premium

  • California. $145 
  • Michigan. $183 
  • Indiana. $85
  • Minnesota. $90
  • Utah. $92 

AAA insurance bundling options

For consumers, AAA offers a wide variety of insurance products. Bundling multiple of the company’s coverages might help you save money and lower your insurance rates. It’s crucial to keep in mind that membership may be required for some forms of coverage. Look over the options for AAA insurance on this page.

Can I cancel AAA insurance in the middle of my policy term? 

Yes. You have the option of canceling your AAA membership at any time. When it comes to AAA insurance, members have the option to cancel them at any point throughout the duration of the policy. You should not cancel your coverage until you have obtained another insurance policy to prevent a coverage gap. Before you terminate your AAA membership, shop around for a replacement insurance and compare the costs. Your insurance prices may go down, and you’ll avoid getting slapped with heftier fines from your state’s DMV by following our advice.

How to cancel AAA insurance

Alternatively, contact 1-877-387-8378 or go to your local AAA office to cancel your coverage. If you have already paid premiums, a representative or agent can let you know if there are any early cancellation fees or if you are due a refund. Make certain you have a new policy in place before you cancel your old one.

Terminating AAA coverage is simple if you follow these steps.:

  1. As well as mentioning your policy number and any other relevant client information
  2. Insist on the immediate cancellation of your contract and any recurring payments.
  3. Follow-up inquiries should be answered truthfully.
  4. Make a request for the delivery of a confirmation email

AAA insurance online features 

To satisfy the demands of today’s client, AAA insurance has created a range of online services. AAA offers an easy-to-navigate website for its clients to estimate, claim, and pay their premiums. To locate a AAA club in your area, enter your ZIP code into the search bar above.

AAA also offers mobile-friendly apps. Take a look at the qualities listed below for a quick overview.

Auto Club

Using the Auto Club app, customers may access insurance policy information, insurance quotations, and online bill payment (both for membership and insurance premiums). The AAA telematics program requires this app to be installed as well. Additional information is provided by the app, such as:

  • Hotel and flight booking
  • Trip planner
  • Traffic conditions
  • Battery replacement quotes
  • Approved auto repair facilities
  • Cheapest gas prices in your area
  • Locations of member branch offices

AAA Mobile

Members of the AAA are the primary target audience for this app. Members of the AAA can access a separate roadside assistance service from their vehicle insurance policy. You may wish to look at the AAA Mobile app’s extra capabilities, which are listed below.

  • Maps
  • Discount information (hotels, restaurants and more)
  • Hotel and rental car booking
  • AAA approved repair facilities
  • Battery replacement quotes
  • A scannable, digital membership card that can be added to Passbook

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