Allied Insurance Review

In 1929, Allied Insurance Company was founded in Des Moines, Iowa. Allied offers a wide range of insurance products, such as auto, house, and life. Read our post about Allied Insurance Review to learn about the insurance coverage alternatives and savings offered by the firm.

Allied Insurance review for 2021

  • JD Power Rating — Not rated: Allied is not included in the JD Power 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study.
  • Financial strength — Excellent: With an A+ rating from AM Best, Allied can be trusted financially.

Allied car insurance coverage options

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Insurance companies for automobiles may offer comparable protection, such as liability coverage for third parties that cause physical harm or property damage as a result of an accident, as well as collision and comprehensive coverage for vehicles that are not at fault for the accident.

As an added benefit, you may tailor your coverage with incentives and savings from Allied Insurance.

Rental reimbursement (basic loss of use)

In the case of an accident, the cost of a rental car or alternative mode of transportation, such as public transportation, may be covered. Rental Days Plus is a policy that includes additional benefits. This covers you for an unlimited number of days while renting a car. An unlimited rental car benefit is available with the Loss of Use Basic Coverage Upgrade, Rental Days Plus.

Allied Rewards

The possibilities you have with Allied insurance are many. If you do, have a look at the following list of advantages..

Accident and violation forgiveness

Allied has two sorts of forgiveness: one that is overt and one that is covert.

  • Your premiums won’t go up after an accident if your record has been cleaned up to that point. This has a three-year-long waiting period between accidents per policy.
  • A ticket or small offense is a costly affair, but you can avoid increases in your insurance premiums if you get leniency with your carrier. You can make one mistake per driver over a three-year period and still be licensed.


There are two stages to the coverage. The new car replacement coverage, which lasts for three years after the purchase of your car, is one of the primary advantages of your policy. If your automobile is totaled, this coverage will assist you in purchasing a new car. After three years, this becomes gap coverage, which covers the difference between your loan debt and the payout you received from the accident.

Roadside assistance

In the case of a breakdown or other emergency on the road, Allied offers a range of roadside assistance products. Regardless of whether or not the car is covered by your insurance, you have access to any type of assistance. In addition, it covers all members of your family who live with you, even if they aren’t in your car.

Cross Country Perks, according to Allied, is a national discount program for the company’s two categories of consumers. These reductions will be available at a small number of retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. The following section contains details on the bottom rungs of the food chain.

Roadside assistance –basic:

  • Towing up to 15 miles
  • Fuel delivery
  • Lockout coverage
  • Jump starts
  • Flat tires
  • Cross country perks
  • Cost: about $10 per six-month policy period

Roadside assistance –plus:

  • Up to 100 miles in towing
  • Trip interruption
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Pre-map routing
  • Fuel delivery
  • Lockout coverage
  • Jump starts
  • Flat tires
  • Cross country perks
  • Cost: about $20 per six-month policy period

Deductible savings rewards

Allied offers two forms of deductible savings: a gradually decreasing partial deductible, and a full loss waiver. If you’re in an accident, having these extra insurance policies might help you save money.

  • Vanishing deductible: If you drive safely while insured by this policy, you may be eligible for a lower deductible. Every year without an accident, you may save $100 on your deductible, up to a maximum savings of $500.
  • Total loss deductible waiver: If your automobile is totaled, you can avoid paying your deductible by purchasing a deductible waiver from your insurance company.

The Allied extra

Allied Insurance offers discounts when you combine your home and auto policies. All of these extra Allied services are provided at no cost to policyholders who have several policies with the company.

There are several advantages to this.

  • One deductible: If your house and car are both damaged in the same accident, you only have to pay one deductible.
  • Bonus emergency lockout coverage: If you’re locked out of your car or residence, Allied will pay for a locksmith to come out and open it for you.
  • Bonus airbag replacement: Allied will pay for the cost of replacing an airbag if it is unintentionally detonated.
  • Bonus accidental death coverage: Accidental death benefits: Allied will pay out up to $10,000 if the person killed in the accident was driving an insured car.

Allied car insurance discounts

Customers of Allied can take advantage of a variety of discounts. Investigate alternative ways to save money.

  • Multi-policy discount: You may be able to save money on your monthly insurance premiums if you combine your auto, home, and life policies.
  • Multi-vehicle discount: Allied’s multi-vehicle insurance might help you save money.
  • New vehicle discount: Newer cars have reduced insurance rates.
  • Accident-free discount: Drivers who keep a clean driving record might earn a discount for each year they go without an accident.
  • Good student discount: Students with a ‘B’ average or above can get cheaper prices for full-time enrollment.
  • Easy pay discount: You can get a discount if you pay by direct debit.
  • Prior carrier discount: Just by moving from another carrier, you may be entitled for a discount.
  • Farm Bureau discount: Being a Farm Bureau member may enable you to obtain a reduction on your car insurance costs. In California, Delaware, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, these reductions are offered.
  • 12-month rate lock: Allied allows you to lock in your rates for a full year with an annual policy term, a rarity among businesses that often only allow for six-month rate locks.

Is Allied car insurance right for you?

When it comes to the average driver, Allied has a lot to offer. In spite of this, Nationwide has a stellar financial grade and a stellar reputation for customer service, so it’s clear why people choose them over the competition. When looking for the best deal on auto insurance or other types of coverage like home or business insurance, it’s still worthwhile to shop around.

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