Audi Insurance Rates

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The Audi Insurance Rates, the average monthly cost of insuring an Audi is $198, with certain models costing as little as $125 per month as of 2016. This pricing is consistent with other premium vehicles of similar price and features. Insurance rates may vary based on the amount of driving you do, the miles you travel in a year, and where you live. 

This article will help you change your Audi Insurance Rates.

How a vehicle from Audi affects insurance costs

Audi Insurance Rates - Audi Logo

In general, an Audi is seen as a luxury vehicle, which translates to higher insurance premiums. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, of the 2018 Audis that have been evaluated, just under all of them received a 5-star overall safety rating. The better news is that you may save money on your Audi insurance now. Selecting additional safety measures will result in an Audi that’s even safer.

Audi is one of the sought-after luxury cars. As with such a dedicated fanbase, locating news coverage should be quite simple. German cars are popular, and therefore most major insurance companies will insure one.

Are there any standout models?

In Kelley Blue Book’s 2018 Luxury Car Best Buy Awards, the Audi A5 Sportback garnered 4.5 stars and was described as “a masterstroke by Audi.” The basic pricing for this exquisite luxury vehicle begins at $42,600. For these reasons, among others, the SUV was given a 5-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA.

Pros and cons of insuring an Audi


  • Affordable insurance is one of the primary factors that lead to a high safety rating from the NHTSA.
  • The rarity of Audis being stolen means that insurance costs go down.


  • Luxury cars are more expensive to insure
  • Built outside the US

About the Audi brand

Audi’s heritage dates back to Germany, where the company was established by August Horch in 1899 when he created Horch & Cie. The board got into a disagreement with August Horch, who thus departed to start his own automobile business, but he could not use his name since it was trademarked. Rather, he chose the Latin name for his moniker. As a result, “Horch” became “Audi.”

The four rings from the 1932 Motor Vehicle Industry merger of Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer allude to the merger’s origin. In 1919, these four automobile manufacturers banded together to become known as Auto Union AG. Eventually, Audi had grown into the business it is today.

What’s Audi MMI?

Using the Audi MMI (multimedia user interface) operating system, drivers may not only access their entertainment and navigation systems, but also other systems, including ride dynamics and the interior. According to Audi, it is known as the “nerve center.” The advanced Audi MMI infotainment system enables you to do a lot more than just listen to music, make phone calls, and receive instructions.

Bottom line

A popular luxury automobile manufacturer such as Audi has vehicles that are very safe and dependable but have somewhat higher insurance costs than normal. Insurance comparison searching may help you save money on vehicle insurance by finding the best policy for you.

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