Bentley Bentayga Insurance Rates

Our research suggests the Bentley Bentayga costs around $301 — or $3,612 per year in average monthly insurance costs. However, not all insurance providers are ready to accept such a high-priced vehicle, therefore reducing your exact rates and choices.

How to compare insurance for the Bentley Bentayga

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In comparing the insurance costs of Bentley Bentayga, consider the following criteria:

  • Price. Bentaygas are not cheap to purchase, and are even more costly to fix. If, in future, you have to make a claim, it may not be in your best interests to scrimp on insurance protection.
  • Deductible. The majority of luxury car owners do not need to pay a substantial deduction. Select the deductible that is moderate or low, unless you know you can pay for repairs prior to the start of insurance.
  • Coverage. Almost surely you desire coverage which goes above the minimal insurance needs of the State. Consider adding comprehensive coverage and collision to your insurance because repairs may be pricey. If you lease or finance your Bentley, these coverage alternatives may be needed.
  • Restrictions. Since your Bentayga does not cover every insurance provider, your options may be constrained.
  • Manufacturer offers. Bentley gives a roadside assistance package of three years for all new cars so you don’t have to fear that if you’re still insured at Bentley, you’ll be able to add this option to your policy.

What factors affect car insurance for the Bentley Bentayga?

With top speeds of 187 mph, Bentley boasts that the Bentayga is the fastest SUV ever constructed. At this rate, expect insurance premiums to climb. Insuring a Bentayga, however, is likely to be lower than insuring a luxurious sports vehicle such as the Continental, the Flying Spur or the Mulsanne automobile, because the insurance providers can drive these vehicles faster and are typically considered high risk.

You can make your Bentayga easier than a Mulsanne, say, but while SUVs are considered to be less dangerous than sports vehicles, you will always have to shop at the most precise rates. Certain insurers like Geico, Progressive and Traveler are not insuring Bentley, SUV, or other insurers. Others, like Allstate, might cover your Bentley, but you won’t get a quote online. Erie and Farmers should nonetheless be able to provide you a number of ballparks online.

Driver factors and insurance costs

Apart from your automobile type and model, your insurance costs are all affected by the driver factors, such as your age, gender, marital status, location and credit. You might pay more than a similar driver in a smaller rural town with minimal theft if you live in a town with high crime rates such as Los Angeles.

Does the Bentley Bentayga qualify for discounts?

Yes, the Bentley Bentayga has sophisticated security features such as:

  • Airbags
  • Traction control
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • An antitheft alarm
  • Antitheft ignition disable
  • Parking assist
  • Blind spot sensors
  • Lane departure warnings
  • A rearview camera

Reliability and safety ratings for the Bentley Bentayga

Since there are few Bentaygas on the road, there are no public security ratings and reliability ratings. In addition, there are currently no equivalent super-fast SUVs — but such cars are likely to be released in the near future by Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini.

Bentleys are known to be unreliable particularly if you buy a second-hand vehicle instead of a new one. However, most luxury car owners do not drive their vehicle daily, so repair and simple maintenance might save you money.

The Bentley Bentayga series maintenance

The Bentayga may be expensive to maintain and repair, much as other Bentleys. The usual cost of repairing this automobile is $880, plus $500 for oil changes and an extra $1,400 for other regular maintenance per year.

Since you almost likely have to bring your vehicle back to a Bentley dealer or specialist repair or maintenance technician, maybe you have to wait for a long time and most surely you will spend extra at the normal repair shop.

When did the Bentayga debut?

The brand launched as the first SUV of Bentley Bentayga in 2016. It is also the fastest SUV on earth, and there is nothing like it on the street at now, this car which weighs more than a big pick-up.

The 2017 Mulliner can cost even more to insure and maintain, a luxurious version from Bentayga. The 2018 models have not changed much save for the additional cosmetic package with black wheels and chrome as well as a third row of seats.

Compare Bentley Bentayga competitors

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Bottom line

Bentleys are luxury high-end, high-speed cars. As a consequence, you will pay a premium, including the breaking Bentayga, for insuring, repairing and maintaining one.

Compare insurance quotes from a number of providers to find out how best to protect your luxury car.

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