BMW Insurance Rates

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All models cost an averaging $171.85 to $406.44 per month for BMW Insurance Rates. This is a high-quality luxury vehicle that makes it more pricey to insure than cheaper cars like Toyota or Honda.

Why is it so costly to insure a BMW?

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Insurance rates will be higher for a BMW since it is classed as a luxury car. However, there are other factors that may help to mitigate this. Selecting certain of BMW’s optional safety features may result in insurance savings. Additionally, BMW’s low theft rate benefits you.

Insurance for your BMW should not be difficult to get. The majority, if not all, of the major insurance companies, insure this luxury vehicle.

Pros and cons of insuring a BMW


  • Great safety features
  • Not often stolen


  • Considered a luxury car

About the BMW brand

BMW started manufacturing aircraft engines in 1916. This brief production ended with the Armistice Treaty of Versailles at the conclusion of World War I. Following the treaty’s lifting of limitations, the business started manufacturing motorbikes and, shortly thereafter, cars. BMW temporarily reverted to aircraft engine manufacturing during WWII but resumed production of the cars and motorcycles for which they are best known today after rebuilding.

What exactly is BMW Performance Insurance?

BMW insurance may be purchased directly from the manufacturer. BMW Performance Insurance has collaborated with Liberty Mutual to provide tailored insurance coverage for all BMW vehicles. These plans come with a plethora of perks and customized offerings for your vehicle.

Are there any standout BMW models?

“Perfection reinvented” is the slogan for the BMW 8 Series Coupe. In a coupe reminiscent of a sports car, it blends modern technology, tremendous performance, and the utmost in luxury. The 8 Series Coupe combines outstanding driving characteristics with a stunning interior and external design, as well as a twin-turbo V8 engine.

What’s the Access by BMW app?

This BMW pilot subscription program allows drivers to try several BMWs in Nashville, Tennessee, from $2,000 a month. Choose your new BMW through the iPhone or Android app, choose your driving preferences and a concierge will bring your fully equipped car whenever you want.

Within your subscription tier, you may change as often as you like. The 4 Series convertible, 5 Series, X5 SUV or hybrid, and sporty M2 Coupe are all available in the Legend grade for $2,000 a month. M tier vehicles cost $3,700 per month and include the M4 Convertible, M5 Convertible, M6 Convertible, and X5 / X6 SUV M variants.

BMW automobile facts

  • BMW has proudly displayed its emblem, which incorporates the Bavarian state colors, since 1917.
  • BMW prices begin at $34,000, and may go as high as $154,000.
  • Because a BMW is not a modest investment, you’ll probably want to insure your premium vehicle for more than just a minimal liability.
  • After World War II, until 1948 the BMW motorcycle manufacturing began again, they moved to manufacture pots, pans and bikes.

Should You Buy A BMW?

BMWs are reasonably cheap to insure in comparison with premium models. However, make sure you shop to get the best auto insurance for you.

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