Direct Auto Insurance Review

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Does Direct Auto offer you the finest insurance? See if you can get a better deal by checking out this Direct Auto Insurance review and learning more about the many types of insurance available.

Direct Auto insurance review for 2021

Direct Auto Insurance Review - Direct Auto Insurance Logo

Those looking for simple vehicle insurance in the Southeast United States may find Direct Auto Insurance to be a great choice. Because of this, customers have fewer options when it comes to combining their car insurance with other types of insurance. For example, it offers business car insurance as well as personal auto, motorcycle, and roadside assistance. More about Direct Auto insurance options, discounts, and other advantages may be found by reading on.

Unlike typical insurance companies, Direct Auto offers coverage for high-risk consumers who may have trouble getting car insurance.
Non-standard carriers don’t have a good reputation for providing a wide range of advantages. For firms looking to meet state-mandated liability coverage minimums, they’re a good option.

Direct Auto is controversial among third parties. Customer satisfaction and financial stability are both quite high at Direct Auto. However, the company receives a higher number of complaints than the industry average because of this.

  • JD Power Rating – The film has not been given a rating. JD Power hasn’t given Direct Auto Insurance a score yet.
  • Financial Strength – Excellent. With an “excellent” financial rating from A.M. Best, Direct Auto Insurance has shown its financial soundness and ability to pay claims.
  • NAIC rating – Poor. Complaints about Direct Auto insurance outnumber complaints about the industry as a whole, says the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Pros and Cons of Direct Auto car insurance


  • Payment plans that are adaptable.
  • Drivers with a patchwork of insurance coverage


  • Options for enhanced coverage
  • Homeowners — this carrier does not provide homeowners insurance.
  • Clients that are digital-first.

Direct Auto car insurance coverage options

Comprehensive, collision and uninsured motorist coverage are all included in Direct Auto insurance. Liability coverage is also included in Direct Auto insurance. The following extra coverages are available to drivers in addition to the regular ones:

  • Rental reimbursement. Renting an automobile while yours is being repaired after a covered loss is covered by this coverage. Comprehensive and collision coverage are required to be eligible for this insurance, which is an option.
  • Towing & Labor. Towing charges might be reimbursed if your car breaks down or becomes undriveable due to an accident. If you want roadside assistance but don’t have collision or comprehensive coverage, Direct Auto offers a plan that includes 24-hour towing.
  • Accidental death. Accidental death insurance pays out $5,000 to the surviving family members of deceased drivers. This is an optional coverage that you may include in your auto insurance policy.
  • Customizable payments. Direct Auto insurance provides certain payment options for many customers. The flexibility to plan your payments, pay in full or by installment, pay in advance to lower your monthly cost, and a number of flexible payment options, including online payments, pay-by-text message, and even cash payments to a local agent or partner site are all included in this.

Direct Auto insurance discounts

Qualifying drivers can take advantage of a number of discounts. They are divided into three categories based on the characteristics of the driver, vehicle, and insurance policy.

Discounts based on driver or vehicle

  • Military. Military personnel who are currently on active service might save up to 25% on their insurance.
  • Safe Driver. Drivers having a clean driving record for the previous three years might save up to ten percent on their insurance.
  • Good Student. Unmarried full-time students can save up to 10% on tuition.
  • Senior Citizen. Up to 5% can be saved by drivers 55 and older.
  • Multi-car. Save up to 25% by insuring several vehicles under one policy.
  • Mileage. Low-mileage car owners can save as much as 5% on gas.

Discounts based on your policy

  • Multi-product. If you buy another product together with your vehicle insurance, you can save up to 5%.
  • Prior coverage. You can save up to 25 percent on your insurance if you have been insured continuously for at least six months and have not had a lapse in coverage of more than 90 days.
  • Homeowner. Up to 15 percent can be saved by homeowners.
  • Renewal. Save up to 20% by renewing your policy.
  • Welcome back. Returning to Direct Auto insurance might result in a 6 percent savings.
  • Affinity. Members in good standing or organizations collaborating with Direct can save up to 5%.

Direct Auto bundling options

A car policy must be paired with at least one additional Direct Auto product to be eligible for the multi-policy discount. In the absence of home insurance, they do provide a wide range of other insurance products for those who have assets that may benefit from coverage.

How to cancel your Direct Auto policy

Direct Auto gives you several options for ending your insurance coverage. A cancellation request can be signed in person at a local agency or written by hand. A handwritten declaration must include your full name, signature, policy number, address, date of birth, and the date on which the insurance will expire. To make things even easier, you may send a statement with this information on it to the toll-free number 877-622-7338.

Can I cancel my Direct Auto policy online?

Your Direct Auto insurance policy can be canceled on the company’s website, by sending a message to customer service. Name, policy number, address, birth date, the reason for termination, and the date on which the policy should be terminated should all be included in your message.

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