Dodge Insurance Rates

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A typical Dodge Insurance Rates cost is $200 a month. This price is the same as the most similar automobiles. However, your premium may be affected by numerous factors, including location, driving history, and age.

How to compare car insurance for a Dodge

Dodge Insurance Rates - Dodge Logo

Insurance providers evaluate the insurance cost for a Dodge given safety ratings, theft statistics, and the like. In general, Dodges do well in safety testing, and because of that, insurance rates are kept low.

Although the Dodge Challenger is well-known for its theft-prevention strategies, the vehicle tends to have a high insurance cost, which might result in the Challenger having a greater theft rate.

This car is likely to be covered by your insurance and you should have no problems acquiring insurance for it.

Pros and cons of insuring a Dodge


  • Great safety ratings
  • Moderately priced


  • Some models are targeted by car thieves

About the Dodge brand

Dodge is widely known for producing performance vehicles, including sports cars and muscle cars, but in the early years, it supplied components to Detroit’s manufacturers. In 1902, the Dodge Brothers began supplying Oldsmobile, and in 1903, they began supplying Ford. The brothers eventually launched their own brand, and it was a huge success. However, the terrible deaths of both brothers had an irreversible effect on everything. The firm was bought by Chrysler Corporation in 1928 after widows sold it.

Dodge’s reputation continued to grow in the decades since the 1930s when it introduced hardware and design advancements. By the 1970s, Dodge was a major player in the muscle car industry and took a certain pleasure in the efficiency of its vehicles in the 1980s. As of 2014, Dodge celebrated its 100th anniversary, and it is the primary performance brand in the United States.

Are there any standout Dodge models?

The brand recognized for having automobiles with the highest peak speed is called Dodge. The most powerful and fastest vehicle ever constructed, the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, debuted in 2015. When it was constructed, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was developed with the intention of becoming a drag-racing vehicle, but together with the Challenger SRT Hellcat, it was designed with the idea of making a superior drag racer. This vehicle has a 6.2L HEMI SRT Demon V8 engine with an Air Grabber hood scoop.

In addition to setting records for the car’s acceleration, such as the world’s fastest 0-100-mph car, the world’s first quarter-mile production car to do a wheelie, and the world’s fastest quarter-mile production car, power has helped the Demon immensely.

Dodge car facts

  • In 1900 Dodge was established to provide Detroit manufacturers with automobile components. In developing the first mass-produced US automobile Dodge was essential.
  • In1914, the Dodge Model 30 manufactured its debut vehicle.
  • After the Dodge Brothers died and sales fell, Dodge was sold to the Chrysler Corporation in 1928.
  • There have been 80 different automobile models developed by Dodge since the business began
  • Starting with a base price of $17,000, Dodge models range in price from $88,000 to $117,000.
  • The Dodge Garage is an online destination, where lovers of muscle and racing can hang out and learn all about Dodge. Get the latest news, learn about events and races in your region, and buy goods.

Should You Buy A Dodge?

In general, you won’t have trouble getting affordable auto insurance for a Dodge vehicle. Be sure to search about, though, to get the best coverage for you.

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