Electra Meccanica Solo Car Insurance Rates

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Electra Meccanica Solo is a three-wheel, all-electric commuter car designed to reduce the impact of crowded areas on the environment. Prices of insurance for new types of vehicles may be difficult to predict and the situation with the Solo can be unique, because states like California classify the vehicle as a motorcycle, while Florida allows producers to identify it as a car.

Small cars, like the Smartcar, cost about $600 per year, while three-wheeled bikes costs less than $900 per year. However, since Solo is electric and smaller than the Smartcar, the yearly fees may vary between $650 and $1,000 for a new business. You may expect an annual price-to-base insurance ratio of 3,5 to 5 per cent with a beginning price of $18,500, which makes it rather cheap to cover.

How do I compare insurance for Solo?

Electra Meccanica Solo Car Insurance Rates - Electra Meccanica Logo

Whether your Solo is classified as a car or mobile in your state may influence the insurance you get for your Electra Meccanica Solo. However, you may affect your insurance prices by the following factors:

  • Body type. The Solo offers a novel sort of body which does not have a similar model on the market. On the other hand, the cost of insurance for smaller automobiles is frequently lower.
  • Fuel. This electric vehicle was supposed to be a car for commuters with a distance of just 100 miles. The 220 V battery means that the yearly fuel consumption is lower and the insurance rates are somewhat higher, because of the electric motor.
  • Rate Theft. There are currently no public volume statistics and the company does not include anti-theft features in the technical specs of Solo. This is not to suggest that there will be nobody out, but if you would like an anti-theft discount, ask what is available in advance of your purchase.
  • Maintenance. The Solo has 99 percent less components than a combustion engine, according to the company, which might facilitate maintenance. Electric vehicles, however, often have technological components that require expert assistance.
  • Coverage. The Solo claims to comply with international safety regulations and has submitted the car to collision tests willingly even though other passenger vehicles have not undergone rigorous testing and the specifications have not contained airbags. In the event that you run out of money and can’t return home, you should consider buying supplementary medical coverage as well as roadside assistance.
  • Options insurance. It is not difficult to foresee the constraints you will have to encounter in your search for insurance without a comparable model on the market, but insurers covering electric cars and bikes will likely provide Solo coverage.
  • Warranty. The Solo has a total guarantee of two years and a separate battery package guarantee for five years.

Does the Electra Meccanica Solo qualify for discounts?

Because Solo is still in the booking stage, the features on the fully launched version are hard to tell, but you may still have a discount on an electric car. There are additional discounts depending on whether the Solo is classified in your country like an enclosed motorcycle or car.

How reliable is the Electra Meccanica Solo?

Even if this new automobile on the market seems dangerous, since 2018 the Solo tested prototype cars.

  • Safety. The Solo has been certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority for U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standard and is presently being tested to verify compliance with global safety standards. The current lack of airbags, however, precludes the automobile from complying with Canadian national safety standards. The producer is trying to obtain an exemption today.
  • Reliability. The dependability data of this model have not yet been provided. Initial test drivers, however, complained of a lack of steering and power frequencies, which might make them susceptible on the road.
  • Recalls. The only recorded reminder was an erroneous label of compliance, corrected by 2018.

Bottom line

The Electra Meccanica Solo can reduce your insurance rates, but just how much is a guess at the moment. Although this three-wheel commuter is not compared to many models, it is always worth looking for the lowest offer for your coverage.

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