Ferrari Insurance Rates

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Depending on several criteria such as location, driving history, the model Ferrari you are purchasing, and your age, your Ferrari Insurance Rates premium will differ greatly.

How a vehicle from Ferrari affects the cost of insurance

Ferrari Insurance Rates - Ferrari Logo

When it comes to figuring out how much auto insurance a vehicle should have, car manufacturers are asked to provide information on their vehicles’ safety rating, the number of thefts, the cost of vehicle replacement, and how much damage a vehicle is likely to sustain.

In order to lower the overall insurance costs, Ferrari includes various safety features. However, having a reputation for being swift, and having cars that are both fast and pricey add to the expense of insuring the vehicle.

It is likely that your new sports car will be covered by your insurance, but you should know that Ferrari is among the best of the best vehicles. If you have difficulty acquiring insurance, investigating specialized insurers of exotic autos and sports cars may be a good idea. Some insurance policies for luxury cars are referred to as this type of coverage.

Pros and cons of insuring a Ferrari


  • Not commonly stolen
  • Great safety features


  • Costly to purchase and costly to repair
  • Luxury sports car

About the Ferrari brand

Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari founded the company in Italy in 1939. The car-building business didn’t begin building its first vehicle until after World War II. Prior to World War One, when Italy was Europe’s leading military force, the symbol appeared throughout the conflict. The family of the pilot that was killed in the war agreed to Ferrari’s request to use the prancing horse symbol in honor of their deceased relative.

In addition to these 15 Formula One World Drivers’ Championships, Ferrari has won almost 200 Grand Prix races, earning them the unique distinction of being one of the most successful Formula One racing teams of all time.

Are there any standout Ferrari models?

Ferrari’s most powerful and quickest vehicle to date is the 812 Superfast (with the exception of the rear-engine special limited-series 12 cylinders). This racing vehicle has an 800-cc engine with a peak output of 8,500 revolutions per minute (rpm), peak torque of 718 Newton-meters (Nm) at 7,000 pm, and a zero-to-sixty time of 2.9 seconds. Ferrari also has the first electric power steering, making it the first Ferrari with such a feature.

What’s the Ferrari Driver Academy?

To guide future racing stars, Ferrari created its driver development program in 2009. Callum Ilott, Jules Lucien André Bianchi, and Guan Yu Zhou from the academy are a number of driving talents. The Fiorano Circuit in Modena, Italy, is the headquarters of the Ferrari Campus.

Ferrari car facts

  • Over 5,000 victories have been won on the world’s tracks and highways with the Ferrari marque.
  • Founder Enzo Ferrari won the Columbus Prize in 1965.
  • The iconic California Spider first appeared in 1957.

Should You Buy A Ferrari?

The cost of insuring this vehicle, like the cost of purchasing your Ferrari, will be prohibitively costly. So shop around to find the greatest vehicle insurance policy for you.

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