Ford F-150 Insurance Cost

Looking to buy a new Ford F-150? Let’s go over the car insurance cost first. The Ford F-150 is a high-end pickup truck that comes in a variety of styles. Do you know how much you’ll pay for car insurance for a Ford F-150? We’ve done the research for you and found the average Ford F-150 insurance cost to be $950 a year.

Ford F-150 Car Insurance Cost

If you’re a man, then your insurance is more expensive than a woman’s due to a gender difference in life expectancies. Another cause of higher insurance costs is higher premiums for the pickup’s durability and capabilities, as they are more expensive to repair than a cheaper car. The new Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the world. When you compare car insurance costs to car insurance costs, you see a difference in the Ford F-150’s cost. Ford F-150 Car Insurance Cost When you compare the car insurance costs for the Ford F-150, you see that you’ll pay $1,900 a year if you want to insure your Ford F-150. Compare that to your average of $870 a year for car insurance if you are a man and $717 if you are a woman in the United States. That’s a difference of $862 a year.

Ford F-150 Insurance Cost by State

In order to provide the most accurate insurance price for your Ford F-150, we’ve taken the average of the Ford F-150 rates for each state. Use this Ford F-150 insurance cost calculator to find out the approximate cost of car insurance for your Ford F-150 in your state.

Ford F-150 Insurance Cost by Age

The average cost of a Ford F-150 is $950. This is the average cost per year, including the cost of a comprehensive car insurance policy. Of course, your insurance rates will vary depending on your driving record. Having a clean driving record can save you money in the long run. Keep in mind, though, that having an accident won’t necessarily lower your insurance rates. That’s because your home insurance rates, but you might not have to pay as much per year. Simply owning a car that’s worth more than the average cost of a car (usually a Honda Civic or Nissan Sentra) will drop your car insurance rates. If your car is worth more than the average cost of a car, your insurance rates will go down. Your home insurance rates will drop if you have a significant increase in your home’s value.

Ford F-150 Insurance Cost by Credit Score

If you have bad credit, you may find that the cost of car insurance is much higher than the cost of insurance for a Ford F-150 with good credit. Here’s how the average car insurance rates break down for different credit scores: Good credit – $741 Fair credit – $533 Poor credit – $804 Know what your credit score is and use this tool to find your credit score for free now! Ford F-150 Insurance Cost by Total Payload The bulk of the truck’s strength comes from the bed. The Ford F-150 gets around 600 horsepower from its 5.5-liter V8 engine. With all the weight of the truck comes all the horsepower – so naturally the Insurance cost to own the Ford F-150 is higher. Here’s how the cost to insure a Ford F-150 compares with the cost of an average Ford F-150 using the truck’s total weight.

Ford F-150 Insurance Cost by Driving Record

Our research found that there was a fairly significant difference in car insurance rates between Fords with less than 2 driving tickets and those with more than two tickets. This research covered a larger variety of driving record than in previous studies, however the results are similar and depend on the vehicle you choose. Compare car insurance quotes online and compare prices from multiple companies for free within minutes. Get a FREE quote This research showed that vehicles with less than 2 tickets had an average annual insurance cost of $750. F-150s with more than 3 tickets averaged $1,030 a year. Keep in mind, these rates are the average ones. Some drivers pay less and some pay more, and these rates are just a snapshot of what some drivers will be paying.

Best Ford F-150 Insurance Providers

The insurance company you use will play a big role in what your Ford F-150 insurance cost will be. Some companies like State Farm cover the F-150 and lower premiums compared to the rest of the group. Other insurance providers have less-expensive policies for the Ford F-150, and that can save you money on your monthly insurance bill. Use our Ford F-150 insurance cost tool to find the perfect Ford F-150 insurance provider for you. To help you get the right auto insurance for your Ford F-150, we’ve broken down the average cost for each state for the Ford F-150. The premiums you’ll pay vary depending on factors such as where you live, how often you drive and the value of your vehicle.

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