Foremost Car Insurance Review

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When it comes to non-traditional house and auto insurance, Foremost Insurance is a well-known provider. Despite the fact that the company has a solid financial basis, the company’s coverage options are limited.

Foremost Insurance review 2021

Foremost Car Insurance Review - Foremost Car Insurance Logo

The Foremost Insurance Company, a part of the Farmers Insurance Group, has been offering several kinds of insurance coverage since 1952. In addition to RV and mobile home insurance (provided in partnership with AARP), Foremost also provides house and car insurance.

Foremost partners with Bristol West, a well-known insurance provider, to provide coverage for high-risk drivers who may have trouble finding it elsewhere. Customers who find it difficult to get low-cost coverage from an established or recommended carrier will be targeted by the company’s homeowner’s insurance programs.

In general, if low prices and a wide range of coverage options are important to you, it may be beneficial to avoid Foremost when looking for a new insurance policy. Foremost Insurance, on the other hand, maybe worth considering if you have a history of insurance claims, poor credit, or other risk factors that limit your options for insurance.

Learn more about Foremost Insurance’s home and auto insurance options, as well as what to expect as a customer, in our Foremost Insurance review.

Foremost Car Insurance Ratings

Bristol West’s Foremost Insurance subsidiary is a great option for high-risk drivers. In comparison to other non-standard insurance carriers, Foremost offers more benefits and coverage options, but it is still more limited than the bulk of bigger providers like GEICO. Continue reading to discover more about Foremost Insurance’s coverage options and customer service, and to see whether it’s a suitable fit for your needs.

  • Customer Service (JD Power) — Not Rated
  • Financial Strength (AM Best) — Excellent — With an “outstanding” financial rating, you may be confident that Foremost will be able to manage your claims.
  • Claims Satisfaction (NAIC) — Fewer complaints than average — Foremost is subject to fewer complaints than the industry average.

Where is Foremost car insurance available?

All fifty states and the District of Columbia provide the Foremost vehicle insurance.

Foremost car insurance coverage options

Comprehensive and collision coverage, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, and uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits are all available with Foremost car insurance.

The following are some of the most unusual coverage choices offered by Foremost:

  • Towing and roadside assistance service. Towing is covered if you’re stuck on the side of the road with a broken-down car.
  • Loan or lease coverage.The difference between the amount you owe on your automobile and what your insurance company pays out if it’s totaled is covered by this policy.
  • Medical payments. If you are injured in an accident, this coverage will cover your medical bills up to a maximum of $10,000.
  • One household, one policy. There are no separate renewals or effective dates to remember with your Foremost Insurance policy because it covers all of your insured vehicles on a single bill.

Foremost car insurance discounts 

It’s possible to save money on your insurance coverage when you use Foremost. Here are a few ideas on how to keep more of what you’ve worked so hard to acquire.

  • Electronic pay. Paying safely and securely online may allow you to save money.
  • Multiple policies. Foremost Insurance offers a discount if you purchase both auto and house insurance from them.
  • Multiple cars. By insuring several vehicles with Foremost, you may save money on your insurance.
  • Kids away at school. A reduction in your car insurance rates may be available if you have children away at college.
  • Paid in full. By paying in full up front, you’ll save money on your purchase.
  • Switching from another company. If you’re transferring to Foremost from another business, you may be eligible for special offers.
  • Good driving record. Keeping a clean driving record might result in lower insurance costs. After three years of accident-free driving, you’ll be eligible for a discount, with an extra year’s worth of savings available after that.

How to cancel a Foremost Insurance policy

By calling 1-800-532-4221, you can cancel your Foremost Insurance policy through your local Foremost insurance agent. When it comes to cancellation fees, your agent or representative will be aware of whether or not you are entitled to a return on premiums that have already been paid. Before canceling your current coverage, be sure you have replacement insurance in place.

Follow these procedures to cancel your Foremost Insurance policy:

  1. Provide the policy number and other important customer details
  2. Ask that your contract and any recurring payments be canceled
  3. Answer any follow-up questions truthfully
  4. Request that a confirmation email be sent to verify cancellation

Can I terminate my Foremost Insurance coverage mid-term?

Yes. Foremost Insurance policies allow policy cancellation at any time throughout the life of the policy. While it’s typically a good idea to cancel your policy before the end of its term, Foremost allows you to do so with some flexibility if you pay the associated fees. In order to avoid coverage gaps after terminating your Foremost insurance, make sure you have another policy in place first. Comparing prices and purchasing new insurance should be your first step before terminating your Foremost policy. Your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles may issue penalties or raise your rates if you fail to comply with this rule.

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