GMC Acadia Limited Car Insurance Rates

The average cost of GMC Acadia insurance is 133 dollars per month — or 1,596 dollars annually — as shown by our study. Your driving record, the amount of kilometers you travel each year, your age and gender and other criteria decide the exact costs. The average cost of GMC Acadia Limited insurance is 133 dollars a month, or 1.596 dollars a year from our study. Your driving record, the amount of kilometers you travel each year, your age, your gender and other criteria decide the exact cost.

How to compare insurance for the GMC Acadia Limited

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Take account of GMC Acadia Limited insurance choices while comparing:

  • Price. Compare the savings each supplier provides to save the most money on your premium while seeking the best price for your coverage.
  • Deductible. One way of reducing your monthly premium is a higher deduction allowance that means you will be liable before the insurance begins to cover property damage or medical cost.
  • Coverage. The minimal state minimum standards for your insurance coverage should at the very least cover your living conditions. You may need to acquire collision and extensive coverage when you finance your Acadia Limited.
  • Manufacturer offers. During the period of guarantee, GMC’s free 24/7 support is covered for all GMC automobiles from 2007 and after, therefore you may not need to include this option in your insurance policy.

What factors affect car insurance for the GMC Acadia Limited?

In March 2017 the manufacturing of Acadia Limited halted. If substitute components become more difficult to identify, they will probably result in a slightly higher insurance price in the future. Insurance costs are currently about the average for this automobile.

The GMC Acadia Limited is offered for the entire wheel drive system and for the front wheel drive in two configurations: (FWD). Since AWD vehicles tend to be considered safer than FwD equivalents, if you have a monthly insurance expense, you’ll probably save a few bucks.

Does the GMC Acadia Limited qualify for discounts?

GMC Acadia Limited offers many safeguards that might assist you in saving money on insurance for vehicles such as:

  • Anti Lock brakes
  • Stability control
  • Airbags
  • An anti theft alarm system
  • Pretensioners
  • A rear-view camera

If your Acadia Limited features are AWD, frontal collision and departure alarms, you may save even more. You can save more.

Reliability and safety ratings for the GMC Acadia Limited

Like the latest GMC Acadia, 2017 has the NHTSA‘s five-star overall safety rating, and a good safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The 2017 GMC Acadia Limited FWD (IIHS).

Although there is no official reliability rating available for this automobile, a range of customer complaints have been made about infotainment problems such as car-play, Wi-Fi and electronics systems.

There are two safety reminiscences of GMC Acadia Limited:

  • Powertrain issues. The assembly of the drive shaft might split and separate, increasing the risk of accidents and rollers.
  • Front brake system. Braking fluid can leak from front brake calipers to increase the risk of a collision.

The GMC Acadia Limited series maintenance

The GMC Acadia Limited costs considerably extra for routine maintenance such as oil modifications and tire rotations as a wider variation of the existing Acadia models. The Acadia Limited has poorer fuel efficiency than its smaller brother, because of its bigger size.

  • GMC Acadia Limited: Up to 15 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway
  • GMC Acadia: Up to 21 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway

Bottom line

You may anticipate to pay the standard insurance rates for your GMC Acadia Limited. However, it may be more expensive to operate than existing Acadia models owing to its increased maintenance costs and reduced fuel economy.

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