GMC Savana Car Insurance Rates

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The average cost of GMC Savana car insurance is around $124 per month, or $1,488 per year, according to this survey. Your precise cost depends on the number of miles you travel every year, the age, sex and other variables. your driving record.

How to compare insurance for the GMC Savana

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In evaluating GMC Savana insurance alternatives, consider the following criteria:

  • Price. Probably you are seeking to get the best deal with GMC Savana insurance, so that research insurers can be eligible for special discounts.
  • Deductible. In order to decrease your monthly cost, you may pick coverage with a greater deductible, but make sure you get the money on hand in an accident.
  • Coverage. The minimum criteria in the State where you reside must be met by your insurance. You may also require a collision and comprehensive coverage if you continue to make payment on your GMC Savana.
  • Manufacturer offers. The 24-hour GMC roadside assistance covers all 2007 and new GMC automobiles for five years or sixty thousand miles, whichever is first provided. Don’t worry whether your automobile qualifies to add this service to your insurance policy.

What factors affect car insurance for the GMC Savana?

The GMC Savana should have very cheap insurance cost despite its enormous size. While the Savana 3500 costs around $4,000 more than the lesser of 2500, both models should receive approximately the same insurance policy. Despite its enormous size, the GMC Savana car insurance is relatively reasonable. Although the Savana 3500 costs around $4,000 more than the smaller 2500, it should cost nearly the same insurance for both versions.

Does the GMC Savana qualify for discounts?

In addition to a new automobile discount, Savanna can receive other savings, which include:

  • An anti theft security system
  • Anti Lock brakes
  • Stability control
  • A rearview camera
  • Airbags

Optional side blind zone alerts and hill-start help are included in the most recent Savana models. You may save even more money on your monthly insurance premium if your automobile includes these smart safety features.

Reliability and safety ratings for the GMC Savana

There are yet no crash test results from NHTSA and IIHS for the latest GMC Savana model, while prior Savana’s earned poor ratings for safety and reliability.

For certain 2018 GMC Savana’s there is presently a security recall in effect:

  • Equipment malfunction. In the event of a fire, the fire extinctor might be blocked or unused, which increases the risk of damage.

The GMC Savana series maintenance

As a big work or freight cargo van, GMC Savana frequently costs more than a medium-sized vehicle to fix and maintain. This might vary depending on if you have 1500, 2500, or 3500 Savanas, since work and components could be more expensive than 1500 for the 3500 Savanas.

The downside of a 12-passenger automobile such as the GMC Savana is that it’s far less fuel efficient than equivalent smaller cars. Wait for 11 mpg in town and on the interstate for 16 mpg.

Bottom line

You should anticipate the average costs in order to insure your GMC Savana. If you are eligible for other insurance saves such as paperless billing or binding your house and auto insurance, you may save even more.

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