Jaguar XJL Car Insurance Rates

The Jaguar XJL is a large car with acceptable premium vehicle insurance prices. However, the XJ series is not known for its reliability. The average premium is $110 a month for this car, or $1,320 a year. This is around $100 below the national average annual price of $1,426.

How do I compare insurance for the XJL?

Jaguar XJL Car Insurance Rates - Jaguar Logo

The XJL follows up the XJ series of Jaguar with a little additional room in the back. Your premium might be increased by its greater size and higher price. The XJL offers an integrated warranty, maintenance plan and roadside service in order to cover repair expenses.

  • Body type. This luxury sedan is bigger and has a larger body than the ordinary XJ. The bigger the price might be.
  • Price tag. This car costs around $76,000 MSRP for high sticker prices. However, there is still a justification for a premium automobile
  • Theft. This car is subject to a low number of robberies, particularly in comparison with the standard XJ.
  • Fuel. The fuel economy of this vehicle is average. The highway and the city receive 21 mpg.
  • Maintenance. Jaguar provides a comprehensive warranty maintenance package for all new XJ vehicles.
  • Coverage. You can choose basic coverage to save money on your payment. Consider buying supplementary coverage in case of accident to protect yourself. A comprehensive, uninsured or uninsured motorist loan, or lease gap, and high-limit collision coverage may be needed.
  • Warranty. A 5-year 60,000-mile warranty is available on this car which covers regular maintenance and roadside support.

Does the Jaguar XJL qualify for discounts?

This car has a variety of safety features that can enable you to receive insurance reductions:

  • Anti-theft system
  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Electronic stability control
  • Driveline traction control
  • Parking sensors
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Rear traffic monitor
  • Low tire pressure warning
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Driver condition monitor
  • Emergency braking
  • InControl Protect Emergency SOS
  • Child safety locks
  • Backup camera

How reliable is the Jaguar XJL?

There are no solid reliability ratings and safety data for the XJ series. The series also had numerous reminders, which suggested that the manufacturer had not controlled manufacturing yet.

  • Safety. The XJL lacks data from credible safety organisations for crash testing. This might be because the car sells in a lower rhythm than comparable family sedans.
  • Reliability. J.D. Power assigns the XJL series in general a predicted 2 out of 5 reliability grade.
  • Recalls. Many reminders of software problems, airbags, windshield wipers, the rear-wheel lignification and other components have already been given for the XJL series.

Bottom line

A lengthy guarantee and few reports of theft are available on the Jaguar XJL. The automobile usually has low insurance premiums despite its status as a luxury vehicle.

XJs are not noted for their reliability, though.

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