Lincoln MKX Car Insurance Rates

The average Lincoln MKX is $157 a month, or $1,884 per year. Your actual costs may be greater or lower depending on your driving record, the miles travelled a year, and other variables.

About the Lincoln MKX

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Now in its second generation since 2007, the new Lincoln MKX. The Lincoln MKX is a variant of the Ford Edge. Medium-size luxury SUVs are well known for their strong V6 engine, excellent safety and low-cost base pricing. In the United States, around 31,000 sales were made in 2016.

Insurance undertakings assess the insurance prices for a Lincoln MKX as regards safety rates, robbery rates, replacement costs and the overall risk of damage. Prices for insurance may vary on the basis of the motorist’s history and region. Lincoln shoppers should receive quotes from several insurance companies before they enter into agreements in order to obtain the lowest possible cost. Lincoln MKX shoppers should investigate and check whether they are entitled to savings insurance with each insurance provider.

How safe is the Lincoln MKX?

The 2017 Lincoln MKX was investigated with regard to safety ratings by the NHTSA and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). For this, the NHTSA was evaluated. NHTSA gave the Lincoln MKX a total of five star safety ratings. The NHTSA score earned the highest achievable value for all crash tests with the exception of the four-star rotating test.

The latest edition of the Lincoln MKX is for blind spot monitoring, side airbags and antilock brakes.

NHTSA reported that 23 Lincoln MKX vehicles in 2013 have been robbed. This is 0.57 tension, depending on the number of cars produced that year.

How does the Lincoln MKX compare to other car models?

The Lincoln MKX is ranked by the price point among our list of 360 priced car models.

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