How Much Does LoJack Save On Car Insurance?

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If you’re looking for a way to save money on your auto insurance policy, you might want to consider adding LoJack to your policy. It is a service that activates with an alarm that is triggered when your car is stolen. Here are a few things to know about LoJack: available for most makes and models of cars. helps law enforcement find your car, quickly, is available for $11.95/month

A few things to know about LoJack

How Much Does LoJack Save On Car Insurance? - LoJack Logo
  • If your car has an alarm that you can program with LoJack (you can buy the alarm from Lo Jack) it will activate in the car if it’s stolen.
  • You can program its alarms to trigger when you don’t want them to. So if your alarm goes off, and you want it to, you can turn that feature off,
  • alarm goes off while you’re at the gym, but you can’t find the car, the gym will notify you so you can call them and they’ll send a security officer to the scene of the crime.

Why should I consider adding LoJack to my policy?

Here are a few reasons you might want to add LoJack to your policy:

  • It’s easy to get if you don’t have a “Find my car” app in your car, you’ll find it in minutes.
  • It helps law enforcement find your car quickly.
  • It helps insurance companies prevent theft claims.
  • It can help you get the most out of your insurance. – It can help you make an insurance claim faster.
  • LoJack can make car theft a distant memory.
  • It’s a way to make insurance premiums more affordable.

Why Should I Consider Adding this to My Policy? There are a couple of different kinds of insurance that you can add it to. Automatic stolen car recovery (or ASCR). The higher-end service that they offers is called “Automatic stolen car recovery” or ASCR.

What are the benefits of LoJack?

A savings of $89.67 per year. If you are driving a 2004-2007 model of a car, then the average cost to have it installed on your car is $179.90. However, for low mileage drivers like myself, the installation will cost $79.95. If you are taking other precautions to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of auto theft, then you could save even more. Some things that could help you are:

  • Building an auto insurance policy to include unlimited liability or collision liability.
  • Listing your car as a high value in the policy.
  • Taking steps to prevent a thief from removing your insurance card.
  • Reporting a potential stolen car to police. What are the drawbacks?

How do I add LoJack to my car insurance policy?

You can find out how to add LoJack to your car insurance here. I have insurance already, can I add LoJack to it ? No, unless your policy says you can add third party coverage, which they typically don’t.

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