Merchants Car Insurance Review

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There are a variety of insurance options available from Merchants Car Insurance Group, so we can tailor our policies to fit your needs. We’ll provide you reassurance and protect your assets.

About Merchants Car Insurance Group

Merchants Car Insurance Review - Merchants Insurance Group Logo

Merchants Insurance Group was established in Buffalo, New York in 1918. In other words, it can spend money to defend your assets, and that’s why its financial strength rating is Excellent. But on the other hand, they have a J.D. Power rating of Not Rated out of 5 for customer satisfaction with claims administration. In the case of a claim, a carrier with a higher J.D. Power Rating is more likely to treat you fairly.

Merchants Insurance Discounts & Features

  • Discounts on Brand-New Automobiles
  • Discounts for Students
  • Reduced price for a minor child
  • Expenses for company vehicles Discount if paid in full
  • Discount for Security Features
  • Adaptable to Different Devices
  • Online Policy Management Online Claim Processing Roadside Assistance Reporting
  • Absence of a Tax Deduction
  • Coverage for Towing and Labor
  • Costs of Transportation
  • Expenses for an Extra Room in an Emergency
  • Emergency Expenses related to first aid
  • Reimbursement for the use of a rental car

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