Metromile Car Insurance Review

When it comes to low-mileage drivers, Metromile Car Insurance is a great option because of its focus on technology. Those in want of full protection should seek in a different direction.

Metromile Insurance review and summary for 2021

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Vehicle insurance policies sold by Metromile, an insurance company located in San Francisco, are usage-based. Non-driving factors are given less weight when using telemetry technologies developed by the company. National General Insurance initially underwrote Metromile’s insurance and service claims. Metromile bought another insurance firm in 2016 to combine everything under one roof due to unfavorable consumer feedback. They are now in charge of their own insurance plans and claims.

The majority of the company’s clients are occasional users. There are better options for people who need specialized coverage or who travel a lot each year than Metromile. Continue reading to learn about Metromile’s pros and cons as well as how it actually works.
It is possible that Metromile insurance will be beneficial to drivers who do not travel much, as long as they are okay with their driving behaviors being tracked and reported back to them.

Liability (bodily injury and property damage), collision, comprehensive, underinsured/uninsured motorist, and medical expenditures are all included as standard policy choices. Roadside assistance and rental refund are also included. Take a look at the results of our in-depth analysis after the break.

  • J.D. Power — Not rated
  • Financial Strength — Not rated by AM Best
  • NAIC Rating — Poor: Metromile Insurance received substantially more customer complaints than average in 2020, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Pros and cons of Metromile car insurance


  • Low-mileage drivers
  • Drivers looking for lower rates
  • Drivers who value technology-focused insurance 


  • High-mileage drivers
  • Those who want to bundle insurance types
  • Drivers who want a robust set of coverage options

Metromile car insurance coverage options

However, the company only offers the standard coverage options seen with most vehicle insurance companies. Some of these options may be too restricted for customers with specific coverage needs. Auto insurance solutions from Metromile, on the other hand, should be adequate for most drivers who simply require the bare minimum in coverage. There are a number of different kinds of protection available, including:

Liability coverage

In almost every country, having liability insurance is a legal requirement. All states require a minimum amount of coverage; but, you are allowed to, and probably should raise your limits to offer yourself more protection in the case of an accident for which you were responsible. Listed below are the several levels of Metromile’s liability insurance coverage:

  • Bodily injury liability. If anybody is injured or killed as a consequence of the accident, this insurance will pay for it.
  • Property damage liability. Covers damage to another driver’s vehicle or to any other property that you cause damage to in an accident.

Vehicle coverage

  • Collision. Physical damage to your car as a consequence of an accident is covered by this policy.
  • Comprehensive. Covers damage to your automobile that occurs as a result of something other than an accident. Full coverage is the term used when comprehensive coverage is paired with collision protection.
  • Underinsured motorist coverage (property damage). Provides protection for your car if it is hit by a negligent driver who does not have appropriate insurance (not available in all states).
  • Roadside assistance. A tow, jump start, tire change or locksmith are just some of the many uses for this.
  • Collision deductible waiver. Accidents involving uninsured motorists are covered by this coverage, therefore there is no deductible to pay (availability is limited and stipulations apply).

Medical coverage

  • A driver with little or no insurance (bodily injury). In the event of an accident caused by a driver who does not have insurance or has inadequate insurance, this policy will pay for your injuries, lost wages, funeral costs, and agony and suffering.
  • Medical payments to others (Medpay). An optional coverage, this helps pay for medical expenses for passengers if your automobile is involved in an accident.
  • Personal injury protection. While not accessible in every state, this benefit covers your medical expenses no matter who is at fault for the accident.

Metromile Insurance discounts 

As far as insurance discounts go, Metromile is lacking. The company claims to provide you the most affordable price after your initial journey. A driver’s conduct is assessed throughout the initial test drive as well as subsequent miles. Drivers should expect the following actual discounts as a consequence.

Multiple vehicle discount

Adding a second automobile to your insurance policy might result in savings on a per-car basis.

Safe driving discount

You may save up to 40% on your first quotation by driving carefully.

Other coverage types

At this time, Metromile only offers personal car insurance policies as an alternative to other types of coverage. Additionally, drivers who require commercial vehicle or ridesharing coverage are unable to purchase Metromile insurance.

How to install the Metromile Pulse

The Metromile program requires you to check your plan and enter payment information if you want to continue using it. You’ll also be required to provide your mailing address so that Metromile Pulse, the company’s mileage tracking device, may be sent to you. Your device will be delivered in five to seven business days, depending on when you place your order. The fact that you won’t be charged for miles during this time is a huge benefit.

The Pulse device and a quick start guide will be included in your package when it arrives.

An image of possible locations for your onboard diagnostics port may be seen in the instructions (OBD-II). Despite the fact that I just typed in the make and model of my car’s location into Google. A 10-day grace period (or seven in California) allows you to install the device before Metromile wants it linked for the rest of your life. This does not include short-term situations like car repair. Keep in mind that you might be charged up to $250 each day if your vehicle isn’t plugged in.)

The installation was a breeze after I found the OBD-II port on my car. If you’ve ever used a plug-in lamp, you’re up to the task. It’s linked when you see a little red light on the device. A brief trip is required for the GPS on the device to be calibrated, but after that, you should be good to go.

Finally, you may use the Metromile app to access your account from your mobile device. For those of us who can’t remember where we parked or when the streets are swept, the app’s vehicle location and street sweep notification are both quite helpful (a feature that would have saved me from a parking ticket just last week). Although the Pulse features GPS, you may turn off location-based data storage if you’re not comfortable with it. Remember that you won’t be able to utilize any app features that rely on location data while you are offline.

Transferring to Metromile was a piece of cake in general. It’s possible to finish the entire process without ever picking up the telephone. Because I do most of my business online, not needing to go through an agent was convenient for me. Despite this, I did have a few issues regarding the review, and their customer service was quick to respond and helpful. I hope I never have to file a claim since that will be the true test.

How does the Metromile Pulse work?

Getting the most out of the data from your automobile.

In order to track your daily mileage, decode Check Engine Light readings, and serve as a finding device if you lose track of where you left your car, the Pulse has telematics technology built-in. There’s no need to worry about it draining your battery because you should keep it plugged in all the time. That kind of power is lacking. If you’re worried about your location being tracked, you may disable GPS tracking in your account settings.

Meet AVA, Metromile’s smart assistant

Automated claims processing using artificial intelligence.

When a claim is submitted using the Metromile app, a new tool called AVA uses artificial intelligence to collect data and handle payouts. You may use AVA to evaluate the authenticity of your claim by evaluating data from your dashboard’s Metromile Pulse sensor. AVA will then guide you through the uploading procedure and aid you in being reimbursed as fast as feasible. You may contact Metromile’s internal claims team if something goes wrong thanks to AVA’s connectivity.

Should You Buy Metromile?

It’s great to see Metromile Vehicle Insurance upset the auto insurance industry, but it doesn’t mean it will always be the lowest option. You may save money on car insurance by comparing quotes from many different insurance companies.

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