Root Car Insurance Review

The Root Car Insurance solution is based on cutting-edge technology. Auto insurance from the firm may not be an option for those with a poor driving record. Check out our Root Car insurance review to get a feel for how well the firm performs and how happy its customers are.

Root, a new entrant in the insurance market, provides auto, home, and renters insurance in a growing number of states. It is common in Columbus, Ohio, to get usage-based auto insurance from a local insurance provider. Premiums have been assessed using telematics, which use devices to collect data. Insurers base driver insurance premiums on their driving habits and frequency, not factors like credit history or a driver’s record.
In order to encourage customers to get both homeowners and renter’s insurance, the company has lately started offering house and renter’s insurance. Its homeowners and renters insurance isn’t as well-known as its vehicle insurance, but Root plans to expand into other markets in the future

Pros and cons of Root Insurance

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  • Drivers who don’t put many miles on the car
  • Drivers who go out of their way to be safe on the road might save money on their auto and renter’s insurance.


  • high-risk drivers in the high-risk categories.
  • Insurance agents who prioritize work
  • drivers who seek a comprehensive insurance plan

Root car insurance review

Root’s strategy includes purchasing car insurance. Using telematics technology, the company may determine prices based on driving habits rather than more traditional rating criteria. By 2025, the company also wants to stop using credit ratings since they’re unjust. Although it’s uncommon for an insurance firm to take this approach, Root Insurance wants to introduce some new ideas to a sector that moves at a glacial pace.

Drivers with a clean driving record and those who don’t drive often might choose Root Insurance. If you don’t fit any of those categories, Root’s policies might not be right for you. Read on to learn more about what Root Insurance customers can expect and if it’s a good fit for you.

Root car insurance coverage options

The following are popular insurance coverage options offered by car insurance companies, which Root provides.

  • Physical harm and property liability
  • Collision and in-depth (often referred to as full coverage when purchased together)
  • Motorist liability coverage for drivers without/under-insured (bodily injury)

There are numerous insurance companies that provide coverage for drivers in jurisdictions where certain criteria apply in addition to conventional car insurance.

  • Third-party liability coverage
  • Health-related expenses
  • Uninsured motorist property damage

In addition to offering competitive rates, the company also offers emergency roadside assistance to all customers. If you’re with Root, you’ll also have the option of car rental insurance. Your rental car will be covered by Root, and any Lyft journeys will be reimbursed.

For people with specific insurance requirements, these options may be too limited. Standard-coverage drivers won’t have any trouble finding something that works with Root’s increased limitations.

Root Insurance discounts 

Those expecting a wide range of vehicle insurance discount options will be let down by their search results. This is true since Root Insurance makes the claim that it offers reductions at the start of the policy. A road test is used to determine whether or not a new driver is qualified to drive. In other words, it’s a discount for being a good driver. As a result, the only real savings that drivers can depend on are the following:

  • Multiple policies. You may save money by combining your auto and home insurance policies with Root Insurance.
  • Good driving record. If you avoid accidents while being a Root client, you may see savings. You can qualify for a 20% reduction in your premium for driving without getting a ticket for three years and up to a 35% reduction after five years of clean driving.

How does Root car insurance work?

Usage-based car insurance keeps tabs on your driving habits and bills you accordingly.
Car insurance company Root uses an app to track driving habits including the number of kilometers travelled, speed, and the time of day, and then provides a quote based on that information. They call it “usage-based insurance (UBI)” in the business since the idea is that cautious drivers shouldn’t have to pay the same as reckless ones. The low cost you receive comes at the expense of personal information, as is the case with many modern enterprises.

According to CB Insights‘ latest research, the number of people enrolling in UBI initiatives is rising. Since the beginning of 2018, they’ve tracked down over ten insurers who’ve mentioned telematics or their telematics programs during earnings calls, demonstrating that driving apps are rapidly being acknowledged as a critical business strategy.

While driving, you must have access to your phone. This app gathers information on your driving habits from your smartphone. Your phone has a feature that detects when you’re being annoying in public. These things are now possible due to telematics, which makes use of sensors to keep tabs on not just your speed, but also your driving patterns, such as when and how long you spend in each gear.

When you scan your driver’s license, Root may also gather information about your name, residence, and vehicle (or manually enter it). Once you’re sure everything is right, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

The Hawthorne Effect

What do we do when we know we’re being watched?

According to research, when we believe someone is watching us, we’re more inclined to act honestly. The Hawthorne Effect got its name from a series of studies done over a century ago at the Hawthorne Works factory in Cicero, Illinois. When a picture of a face or an eye is placed near the breakroom, employees are more inclined to clean it up, according to a team of experts from Newcastle University in England.

While being seen may cause us to behave strangely, we are genuinely doing our best. It’s hoped that data gathered by smartphone programs like Root, which monitor our driving habits, would encourage us to prioritize safe driving as an issue.

How to cancel a Root insurance policy

To cancel or make changes to your insurance coverage using the Root app, call your insurance company at 1-866-980-9431.

Can I cancel my Root policy online?

Cancellation of insurance policies is possible using the Root app. Customer service is available through email at or by phone at 1-888-JOIN-ROOT (1-866-980-9431).

Root Insurance online features and app

At the heart of what Root Insurance has to offer are their mobile apps for both iOS and Android. In contrast to other big insurers, this one requires the Root software to be installed on the insured device. The software keeps track of your driving habits and calculates your rate for you automatically. Other than keeping tabs on the driver’s movements, this program also lets you accomplish the following things:

  • Manage and file claims.
  • When looking for vehicle insurance, a policy with a homeowner or renter’s coverage is easily available.
  • Configure online bill payment.
  • Enrich the driver and vehicle lists.
  • Read through policy documents
  • Get documentation for insurance cards.

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