Tesla Roadster Car Insurance Rates

The average monthly car insurance premium for a 2021 Tesla Roadster is $27,879 or $3,345.48 annually. However, your actual costs will differ according on your driving history, car model, and location.

How do I compare insurance for the Roadster?

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The 2020 Roadster is based on its predecessors’ sporty convertible design cues from 2008-2012. However, it’s planned to go quicker and have a removable glass roof, increasing the risk to insurers. This car also has the following extras:

  • Type of body. While a sleek, fast convertible with a glass roof and a top-down design is exhilarating to drive, insurance firms will be scrambling to keep up.
  • Fuel. This time around, Tesla has a range of almost 600 miles to offer as a counterpoint to the competition. This allows you to charge your phone for extended periods of time between charges of $10 and $13.
  • Rates of theft. The predicted reduced theft rate of the Roadster in comparison to previous model years may entice insurance providers.
  • Maintenance. Even while Teslas aren’t known for having problems, they still require expensive maintenance and a knowledgeable specialist, which raises insurance costs.
  • Coverage. If you want to protect your investment, you may get luxury insurance with agreed value coverage and higher policy limits. When covering track days, keep in mind medical expenses as well as track coverage.
  • Options for insurers. Luxury car insurance may limit your choices, but companies like Chubb may be able to help you get covered. If you own an electric car, you may want to consider InsureMyTesla or Electric Auto.
  • Warranty. a 50,000-mile powertrain warranty with roadside assistance is included with this Tesla. The Model 3’s long-range battery was guaranteed for eight years or 120,000 miles, although the warranty has not been confirmed.

Can I get a discount on the Tesla Roadster?

Despite the fact that Tesla hasn’t disclosed many details about this new model, it is expected to contain all of the previous models’ features, which might result in lower auto insurance costs for you.

  • Anti-theft anti-lock braking system
  • Airbags
  • Discounts on electric vehicles
  • Pretensioners for seatbelts
  • Control of stability

Why is insurance on the Roadster so expensive?

When it comes to insurance rates, the Roadster ticks all the boxes. This is because of its high MSRP and specialized parts, which raise the costs of maintenance or replacement for your insurer. Furthermore, this car has a top speed of 250 mph, which may encourage erratic behavior on the open road.

How dependable is Tesla’s Roadster?

There have been no recalls or problems with previous Tesla Roadster models, so you can be confident in this new vehicle’s safety record.

  • Safety. Model 3 has a 5-star rating, Model S has four and Model X has five. The NHTSA has not tested the Roadster, although it has granted five-star ratings to numerous other Tesla models.Model 3 has a 5-star rating, Model S has four and Model X has five. The NHTSA has not tested the Roadster, although it has granted five-star ratings to numerous other Tesla models.
  • Reliability. Previous model year owners have not identified any frequent issues with the Roadster. However, if you use yours on the track, you may require further repairs.
  • Recalls. Yes, prior Roadsters had electrical wiring and rear hub flange bolt recalls.

In conclusion

A convertible top and specialized insurance coverage are included in the next Roadster, making it a breezy ride with a high insurance cost. You may get the best value and coverage by comparing quotes from several insurance providers, or you can find out how much it would cost to insure a different vehicle.

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