The Hartford Insurance Review

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Hartford Insurance offers a wide range of insurance coverage options to its customers. Because of their connection with AARP, Hartford, a car insurance company that caters to senior drivers, gives special discounts to AARP members. Despite being ranked by JD Power as having a below-average overall customer satisfaction rating, The Hartford has outstanding financial health. The company has a low complaint percentage, according to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

It’s possible to save money by using Hartford, and you can also read reviews left by other customers. Investigate their insurance coverage and other options.

The Hartford Insurance Ratings for 2021

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  • Claims satisfaction (J.D. Power) —An excellent insurance provider, The Hartford was recognized as one of the best by J.D. Power for customer satisfaction with auto insurance claims.
  • Customer satisfaction (J.D. Power) — J.D. Power gives The Hartford a customer satisfaction rating of above average, indicating a positive customer experience.
  • Financial strength — Hartford’s ability to satisfy claims commitments is rated “Excellent” by AM Best.
  • NAIC Rating — The Hartford received an average number of complaints about its most recent financial accounting, according to the NAIC.

The Hartford car insurance Advantage Program options

The Hartford provides insurance options for liability, uninsured motorist, and comprehensive coverage. It also provides specialist coverage as well as additional benefits.

Lifetime renewability auto insurance

If you meet certain requirements (such as paying on time, having a valid driver’s license, etc.), you can renew your car insurance.

12-month auto insurance rate protection

Unlike many other insurance companies, Hartford does not alter its pricing more than once every six months. The insurance provider won’t allow rate increases to catch you off guard over the course of your contract.


You may be able to recover some of your expenditures from The Hartford if you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident and are unable to perform the things necessary for your residence as a result. This also includes paying them for household chores like cleaning, cooking, and walking the dog, as well as providing them with transportation to and from work.

New car replacement coverage

Insurance companies will replace your car if it is totaled during the first 15 months or 15,000 miles of ownership. The Hartford has a car replacement program that gives you a car that is identical to your old one in terms of make, model, and specs, and there is no depreciation fee.

Lifetime car repair assurance

Hartford will pay for auto repairs following a claim if you use a shop they’ve authorized.

24/7 car insurance claims hotline

Hartford vehicle insurance coverage provides 24/7 assistance for filing claims.

The Hartford Advantage Plus Program benefits

The Advantage Plus Program provides customers with extra car insurance coverage.

First accident forgiveness

You may be eligible for accident forgiveness if the policyholders of your car have a five-year spotless driving record. To put it another way, acquiring an accident forgiveness waiver will keep your insurance rates from rising.

Disappearing deductible

If you have a spotless driving record, your collision coverage’s deductible may be reduced to zero dollars.

One deductible

If a claim affects both your home and car, you just have to pay a single deductible.

Deductible waived for a not-at-fault-accident

If you’re in a car accident but weren’t found at fault, the Hartford will usually waive your collision deductible.

The Hartford insurance discounts

AARP members who join The Hartford’s alliance may be eligible for additional benefits. However, there are numerous ways to save on car insurance with The Hartford. See what insurance savings The Hartford may offer you by visiting their website.

Discounts related to the driver

  • Good student. You may be eligible for a vehicle insurance discount if you are a full-time student between the ages of 16 and 25, have a B average or better (on a 4.0 scale), and are named as a driver on the policy.
  • Driver training. If you’re under 21 and have finished a training course, most insurance companies will offer you a reduced cost on your driver’s insurance.
  • Defensive driver course. Take a defensive driving course to be eligible for this discount.

Discounts related to your vehicle

  • Anti-theft device. This saves you money on your Hartford comprehensive insurance premiums.
  • Airbags. If you want a better price, look for a vehicle with at least two airbags.
  • Fuel type. Hybrid and electric vehicle owners may be eligible for additional discounts from Hartford insurance.

Additional discounts

  • Bundling. You may save up to 5 percent on auto insurance and up to 20 percent on homeowners, condo, or renters insurance when you bundle your policies with The Hartford.
  • Paid-in-full discount. As a thank you for paying in full, I’ll give you the following gift: a second low cost

Is The Hartford the right insurance company for you?

If other insurance companies are charging older customers more because of their age, AARP members might want to look into The Hartford. Young drivers, on the other hand, may not benefit from the policies. The Hartford is a great option because of its solid reputation and long history of ethical business practices in the auto and home insurance industry. 

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