Toyota Camry Insurance Rates

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Toyota Camry Insurance Rates costs on average $175 per month — or $2,100 per year. This is about $800 more expensive than insurance for less popular vehicles with lower theft rates. With a base price of $23,070, the yearly insurance premium is 9.1 percent of the basic vehicle price. Toyota Camry is a multi-award-winning midsize car renowned for its comfort and safety. It is equipped with an array of excellent safety features that may help you save money on insurance.

How to compare insurance for the Toyota Camry

The dependable Camry is affordable and straightforward to cover, simplifying your search for auto insurance. Consider the additional coverage you want beyond the state-mandated minimum, as well as the intended use of your car.

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  • Price. To evaluate your choices properly on a pricing basis, you must use the identical driver and vehicle information for each estimate.
  • Deductible. When reviewing plans, keep in mind that the size of your deductible may have an effect on the cost of your premiums. When obtaining estimates, ensure that each provider has the same deductible amount.
  • Minimum coverage. Coverage is required in all states except New Hampshire and Virginia. Before proceeding, ensure that your proposed insurance complies with your state’s minimum requirements.
  • Additional coverage. Consider any extra coverage choices you may need before selecting a policy, and don’t forget to mention them when obtaining estimates.
  • Extras. Before selecting a provider, learn about the features included in each insurance and the optional extras offered.
  • Restrictions. Determine if your insurance has any limitations to prevent coverage gaps or denials.
  • Manufacturer’s promotion or customer loyalty discount. Determine if your manufacturer provides any special offers or loyalty discounts as a result of its affiliation with insurance carriers.
  • Warranty. Know what your manufacturer’s or extended warranty covers in order to avoid paying for overlapping coverage.

What factors affect car insurance rates for Toyota Camry?

When calculating the cost of insurance, insurance companies consider your likelihood of submitting claims. Due to the fact that theft rates, vehicle performance, maintenance costs, and other variables vary by make and model, your car selection often has a direct effect on the amount you pay for auto insurance. The Toyota Camry is compared to other cars in the following data.

  • Body type. The Toyota Camry is a sedan intended for everyday driving, commuting, road excursions, and other safe purposes, which should help keep car insurance costs low.
  • Type of car. The Camry is a reliable and comfortable midsize vehicle. This should result in reasonably priced insurance rates.
  • Theft. The Toyota Camry is one of the most stolen cars, which may result in an increase in insurance costs.
  • Repairs. Toyota Camrys need minimal maintenance and have low repair costs, which may result in reduced insurance rates.
  • Safety ratings. The Camry has a perfect 10/10 safety rating from U.S. News and J.D. Power. This should result in lower insurance costs.
  • Fuel type. The Camry is equipped with a gas engine, which is less expensive to insure than cars equipped with diesel, hybrid, or electric engines.
  • Trim & packages. Picking trims or packages that enhance performance or overall value may result in increased premiums. Nonetheless, enhancements to visibility and safety may qualify for car insurance reductions.

Does the Toyota Camry qualify for auto insurance discounts?

If your Toyota Camry is equipped with these safety features, you may be able to save money on car insurance.

  • Anti-lock brake discount
  • Anti-theft discount
  • Passive restraint discount (Airbags, motorized seat belts, etc.)
  • Emergency roadside assistance discount

Toyota Camry safety & reliability ratings

Toyota introduced the Camry in 1982. The midsize vehicle is well-known for its roomy seats, smooth ride, and excellent safety ratings. With the exception of 2001, the Toyota Camry was the best-selling passenger vehicle in the United States from 1997 through 2016.

To help you save on car insurance, both the IIHS and U.S. News award the 2018 Toyota Camry a near-perfect safety rating in virtually every area.

According to US News and J.D. Power, the 2018 Camry has a dependability rating of 4.5/5, making it one of the most dependable cars in its class.

Toyota Camry maintenance

This is a medium sedan that is engineered to provide a safe and pleasant driving experience regardless of the distance traveled. It has an above-average dependability rating and a low average repair cost, indicating that it will likely need little maintenance. Having said that, regular service visits may assist ensure that everything is operating properly, extending the life of your car.

What you should know is as follows:

  • Toyota advises changing the oil at 5,000 miles or every five months, whichever comes first.
  • Toyota Camry oil changes should cost between $75 and $125, however the exact cost may vary.
  • The Camry’s average yearly repair cost is more than $221, which is lower than the average for comparable cars.
  • For additional information on the Toyota Camry’s maintenance schedule, see your owner’s handbook or contact your dealership.

Is an extended warranty worth it for the Toyota Camry?

This vehicle model came equipped with a three-year/36,000-mile limited warranty, as well as a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty and five years of corrosion protection. The basic warranty covers all components other than those subject to natural wear and tear, such as oil and air filters, and tires. ToyotaCare is also included with new Toyota cars for two years or 25,000 miles, which includes scheduled maintenance and 24-hour roadside support.

It is unknown if Toyota provides extended warranty options, however, you should inquire with your dealer. Having said that, Toyota cars are very dependable and have low average maintenance costs, so you should weigh the expense of an extended warranty against the benefits.

Bottom line

The Toyota Camry has been on the market since 1982 and has long been regarded as one of the best midsize sedans. It has outstanding safety ratings and comes standard with award-winning safety and driver aid systems that may qualify for car insurance savings. You should compare your choices by obtaining estimates from several providers and determining which one is the greatest fit for your circumstances.

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